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What is

1 HR
oooh... keep going...

A high-intensity
dance cardio workout

Inspired by the joyful, energetic sounds of charleston, swing, gospel, electro swing and hot jazz

These total body exercise classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and the music is so infectious that you won’t even realise you’re burning up to 500 calories an hour!  Our first-rate instructors will lead you through a series of fun, follow-along moves and interactive choreography guaranteed to get you sweating and smiling.

are the
benefits of
a SwingTrain

  • 1

    It's a highly effective cardio workout burning up to 500 calories per hour

  • 2

    It's a full body workout, working legs, arms and core

  • 3

    It develops coordination and recollection through memorable routines

  • 4

    You get fit dancing to the happiest music in the world

    (ok… so that’s our opinion)

"Brilliant fun. The music mix is great, and the instructor is so energetic, it's infectious."


"I am loving that SwingTrain offers a different experience from the usual gym based class."


“Really fun and friendly class. You get to learn a bit of swing footwork and sweat loads. Good workout.”


“That was the best class. Loved the music, loved the charleston stuff. Can’t wait for next week.”


"Thank you to SwingTrain Battersea. It's an awesome workout - love it, love it, love it.
Great music, great moves and Jeff is amazing"



SwingTrain is brand new
We’re busy opening new classes in new locations. Plus we’ll be launching our full website in the new year!

This website is just the start. Check our Book a Class page for upcoming SwingTrain classes, and if you can’t see a class near you (yet!), try our Coming Soon page to see where we’re headed next.

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