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Become A SwingTrain Instructor!

We’re looking for talented, friendly trainers who have a passion for fitness and motivating others to reach their fitness goals.

After training, our instructors have everything they need to set up their own SwingTrain classes and run them as their own small business with support from SwingTrain HQ.

Be your own boss, set your own schedule and make money doing something fun!

The situation currently varies from location to location – you may be able to safely run in-person classes, or you may be in an area where only online classes are possible. Our training will prepare you for both situations. You may wish to use this time to complete your training and prepare for in-person classes, or you may wish to get started running online classes as soon as you complete your training. We’re here to support you either way!

Now more than ever, people are seeking positive experiences and ways to distract themselves and keep active. SwingTrain sessions have been an uplifting influence for trainers and their communities, especially during this time. Why not join the fun?

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We offer training in the SwingTrain choreography and teaching styles, equipping you with the tools you need to teach you own classes.

You’ll learn some of the choreography that makes up a SwingTrain class as well as teaching techniques that will help you keep your participants motivated and wanting to come back. To succeed in training we will ask you to send 2-3 videos of yourself delivering the routines that you’ve learnt back to us. We will make an assessment looking at your teaching skills and ability to pick up the moves.

Once qualified, you’ll be eligible to teach SwingTrain classes in your chosen area and online.

To get started, simply register for our remote training package!

Licence Fee

All trainers pay a reasonable monthly licence fee which gives you:

  • Updated choreography and playlist every month to learn and practice at home
  • A personalised trainer profile and class listings on the SwingTrain website
  • Rights to use the SwingTrain name and marketing materials
  • A marketing starter pack to help launch your class
  • Continue accreditation as a SwingTrain Accredited Trainer (SWAT)
  • Support from the SwingTrain HQ team


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Become a SwingTrainer

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