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I think we can all relate to that lethargic feeling – when you’ve had a stressful day or the weather’s miserable it can be hard to find some motivation to get down to a fitness class! Here are some top tips to stay on track…

1. Jot it down 

Write it in the diary or leave a sticky note on the fridge to remind you! Making notes is useful for not only keeping organised and remembering things, but also for motivation. Prioritising your class so that you don’t book anything else in that time slot makes your fitness and social life just as important as next Thursday’s 10am work meeting.

2. No Excuses

“I don’t have enough time” or “Not tonight, I’ve had a hard week”. These little voices inside your head are from your conscience who likes nothing more than staying cosy in your comfort zone. Ignore these thoughts – you will feel a lot better for it and will strangely still find time to do other things!

3. Reward Yourself

If you manage to get to class this week, treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath or a cheeky pudding after dinner. Thinking about a post-workout treat helps to take the focus off the workout itself, and suddenly the workout feels far more achievable.

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4. Keep up the high energy

Staying hydrated, eating a nutritious diet and getting plenty of sleep are great ways to keep up that energy. After a long day in the office think about having a fast releasing food – a perfect snack would be an apple to get your body and brain into gear for those squat Charlestons!

5. Remind yourself of your goals 

Think about why you wanted to go to class in the first place. Is it because you want to lose a few extra pounds to fit into your summer wardrobe? Is it to meet new people and de-stress after work? Reminding yourself about how this class is going to help you achieve something you want will help you get off your backside, put on some trainers and shimmy into class.

6. Get in the mood

A great way to get in the mood for a high energy class is by listening to some music! Our SwingTrain playlist is on Spotify HERE. Why not get yourself pumped up whilst on the way to class, practice at home or listen in the car. The infectious sounds are sure to get you motivated!

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Do you have anything you like to do to get motivated for class? Let us know!