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SwingTrain Vs Gym

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So ever wondered how a SwingTrain class compares to a gym session?

We’ve listed our top 5 reasons as to why we think SwingTrain is better than going to the gym.

1. More than a feeling

Visiting the gym can sometimes feel like a chore, you watch your heart rate plummet on a treadmill and look around and see everyone focusing in on their own little world. Eyes down and headphones plugged in, all you can hear is the sound of heavy weights dropping and maybe some painful sighs as people reach their limits. On the other hand, at a SwingTrain class you are greeted with a friendly instructor who will be there to make you feel as comfortable as possible whilst keeping you motivated and engaged.

2. Burn Baby Burn!

You can work off up to 500 calories in a hours SwingTrain class, the calorie burn is roughly the same from an hour on the treadmill. Just saying…

3. Let’s Get Physical

It’s a workout for your brain and your body! It’s the perfect escape route from the tough working day and something to show and teach your friends! The steps are easy to pick up and make you look cool as hell on any dance floor. All you need a trainer – no weights, dumbbells or mats.

4. Is it all about the Bass?

Usually in a gym you are forced to listen to popular music that has a strong bass with certain power and motivation. This is great if you’re lifting some heavy weights and needing something to drive you however, they can’t change the music for you when you want to cool/slow down. The music used in a SwingTrain class makes a change to the generic pop songs and the joyful beats distract you from the tough workouts. Blues, Charleston, Swing, Electro Swing and Gospel are all featured in class, and singing along to the musical tracks is highly encouraged!

5. We don’t talk anymore…

Our instructors are very welcoming and with a class full of committed regulars it makes you feel excited to come back for more. Training together makes a workout feel so much easier! Some of our classes even arrange social gatherings outside of the lesson time. At the gym it can be strange to see people using their phones. Its nice to be able to meet new people and help each other along in class and put down that phone for at least an hour.

So what are you waiting for? If the gym is not your thing,  why not give SwingTrain a go and let us lead you into an hour of social Swing dancing fitness fun!