Hazel Crimmins - SwingTrain

Hazel Crimmins

Swingtrains at: Bristol

Dancing and music have been a passion since before I can remember. My 6th birthday cake was made in the shape of a walkman (yes, it was the 80’s!!), my favourite movie was footloose and I wanted to be Michael Jackson. In 2008, I walked out of my 9-5 office life to follow my dream of running away with the circus. What started as a hobby that was more fun than the gym sparked a passion for fitness and functional body movement and allowed me to travel the world. In 2010 swing dancing came into my life and it wasn’t long before I was Charleston dancing on stilts! As a professional clown, trapeze artist and qualified gym instructor, I take fun and fitness pretty seriously! For me, the best thing about SwingTrain is that you are so in the music that you don’t notice how hard you are working until it’s over!!



Studio 5
Kingswood Estate
Britannia Road
  • 1 hour
  • £6 £5 Online
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