Jeff Tong - SwingTrain

Jeff Tong

Swingtrains at: Clapham Junction

Fitness became a prominent thing in my life when I was an overweight child. And although the laps my mother forced me to run in Battersea Park did wonders, it was never a joyous occasion. One thing that always kept me going though, whether it was at the gym or going on long distance runs, was the music. Realising it made a world of difference to the enjoyment of fitness, I started to use Swing dancing as my main way of keeping fit and nimble. No longer did cardio work feel monotonous or core training a chore. Dancing hard and being exhausted never mattered as the catchy music took away the boredom. Now a Swing dance teacher and performer with my high energy dance troupe, Brat Pack, I’m super excited to shake up the fitness world and make it fun again.



Clapham Junction
Off The Rails
Unit 2, Arch 4
Grant Road
Clapham Junction
  • 1 hour
  • £7 - £10
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