Katie Young - SwingTrain

Katie Young

I’ve loved dancing for as long as I can remember. Beginning with ballet at the age of 4, progressing to salsa and flamenco in high school, transitioning to blues and ballroom during university, then starting swing in the UK, I’ve had a wide array of influences on my dancing style.

As someone who dreaded P.E. classes throughout my younger years, I made the practical realisation that exercise is a necessary part of life after packing on the pounds one summer holiday after university (eating gelato at every meal may not have been the best idea…). In an attempt to regain my figure, I attended a local Zumba class. To my surprise, I absolutely loved it! I immediately became hooked by the bold Latin beats and was soon attending every class I could find, sometimes even going to multiple sessions a day.

After shimmying and shaking my way through a number of Zumbathons, I decided to take my love of dance cardio to the next level and became a certified fitness instructor. I subsequently progressed to teach in top gyms across the US, Canada and the UK. Since moving to England from San Francisco four years ago, I’ve enjoyed inspiring Londoners to sweat and smile through intense, dance-focused workouts. I’m ecstatic about the start of SwingTrain and can’t wait to combine my fitness obsession with my passion for all things swing.

By incorporating dance moves, fitness can be fun!