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Naomi Cooperman

Swingtrains at: Portslade

Hello, I’m Naomi!

I started Lindy Hopping with Swing Patrol in June 2018 and LOVE it, think I’ve finally found my dance. I go to swing socials in Brighton when I can and inadvertently fudge the footwork, but we always end up in fits of laughter – if you’re not laughing, then it’s not fun and if it’s not fun, then why are you doing it?!

I’ve never been much of a gym bunny myself but having developed a real passion for electro swing, I can’t help but tap along. Needless to say, if I don’t get you moving, then the music will!




The Dance Station
Unit 4
57 North Street
  • 1 hour
  • £6
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Classes at this venue are not bookable in advance. Please turn up 10 mins before and pay on the door.

Coming Soon: First class 6th January!