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Nicola Wood

Swingtrains at: Westcliff-On-Sea

I discovered swing dancing almost 6 years ago and found I was instantly in love, with the dance, the energy and the music. Dancing several times a week, it’s been great to progress in a new skill, become part of such a friendly community and improve my fitness.  I’ve been lucky to travel around the world to swing dance camps, learning from top international teachers.

I train and compete with the fabulous Swing Patrol London troupe, The Dixie Dinahs and also run my own troupe locally in Southend, enjoying teaching and performing, aided by my background having a BA (hons) in Drama and Education Studies.

As a child of the 80s, I gave up my Latin and ballroom class, when it clashed with a new craze of an aerobics club! I think initially lured by the legwarmers, I loved exercising to my favourite music; now I get to do this all again, without compromising my passion for dance, thanks to SwingTrain! I’m so excited to share just a slice of all of this, to a new crowd through SwingTrain. If people come to class, make a friend, laugh or just escape for an hour a week in joyful swing music, all whilst improving their fitness, I’m happy!



Crowstone Christian Centre
Crowstone Road
Westcliff on Sea
  • 1 hour
  • £6
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