Rowena Fabrizi - SwingTrain

Rowena Fabrizi


I was so excited to discover SwingTrain and couldn’t wait to get on board and be part of it! I am really looking forward to introducing everyone in my community to the energy, fun, and the joy of dancing to the different music, styles and rhythms such as Charleston and Swing.

A bit about myself…. I have always loved to dance since I was 7 years old, where I learned ballet and tap dancing. I went to regular dance classes after I had my two children and I took part in couple of shows raising money for charity. I now enjoy going to rock n’ roll and jive dancing classes every month. This has inspired me to teach Swingtrain as the dancing is so uplifting and energetic and I know it will be such fun

I have been teaching dance and fitness for 5 years and I have 2 regular classes who are a joy to teach. I get such satisfaction seeing them getting stronger and fitter each week.

My aim is to make exercise fun and to bring out the inner dancer in everyone!

I look forward to Swinging with you on the dancefloor!